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Diane Campos 
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
Equality Immigration_Marlene Freitas.jpg

Marlene Freitas
Client Care Specialist 
Commissioner for Taking Affidavits 

Marlene Freitas
Co Founder 
Client Care Specialist 
Equality Immigration_Joana Cordeiro.jpg

Joana Cordeiro 

Office Manager

Equality Immigration_Carla Faro.jpg

Carla Faro 
Executive Assistant 

Diane has represented many families, individuals, and businesses throughout Canada. Diane is able to adapt easily to new concepts using her previous experience to excel in the economic class category and the temporary foreign worker program. Diane dedicates her time to further progressing herself and her business while maintaining excellent client satisfaction.  

Marlene is well established in the Portuguese community in Toronto Ontario as she took interest in the Canadian Immigration system and its procedures/practices in 2007. Marlene partnered with regulated Immigration Consultant, Diane Campos in 2016. As a newcomer, Marlene knows the struggles of families trying to integrate themselves, Mrs. Freitas is head of Client Care and is dedicated to helping families and individuals integrate themselves economically in our communities. 

Joana is a psychology major at York University whose goal in the future is to help others through therapy. Joana acquired her study permit at Equality Immigration and has both a client and staff perspective regarding Equality’s work ethic and procedures. The combination of the opportunity to work at Equality and her pervious immigration experience has sparked an interest in immigration.

Carla is an entrepreneur having taught high school math  in Lisbon , Portugal; owning her own Travel Agency and now operating a before and after school program in the GTA. Carla is a dedicated professional who enjoys taking on challenging tasks. Her interest for Immigration started during her own Immigration Process. Carla dedicated months of her personal time to research and develop the skills needed to efficiently prepare Immigration applications for her and her family. Today, Carla is well familiar with Permanent  Residency  procedures. 

Equality Immigration_Sara Neves.jpg

Sara Neves
Administartive Assistant 

Equality Immigration_Alexia Cardenas.jpg

Alexia Cardenas

Equality Immigration_Maria Barrerios.jpg

Maria Joao Barreiro

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